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How to connect the slip ring?
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How to connect the slip ring?

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The conductive slip ring can rotate 360 degrees and also transmit current and signals. Therefore, the conductive slip ring is used in many places. We do not know about it in the process of use, and it is easy to encounter some problems, such as how to wire the conductive slip ring. Some people do not wire the slip ring to cause short circuit, and the slip ring has internal faults. The internal structure and working principle of the slip ring must be understood before solving how to connect the wires.


The slip ring is mainly composed of stator and rotor. The conductive ring is fixed on the base copper ring of the upper bearing, and the electric brush is fixed on the shell of the slip ring, forming a complete circuit through combination and arrangement. When the slip ring rotates, the conductive ring and the electric brush also slide with each other to transmit various energy sources and signals. After understanding these, we can clearly know how the conductive slip ring is wired. Connect each wire to the corresponding interface of the device, connect each wire, and form a complete circuit.

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