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What loss will be caused by improper selection of slip ring parameters?
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What loss will be caused by improper selection of slip ring parameters?

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In the conductive slip ring industry for a long time, we have also seen many problems arising from slip rings at home and abroad. The conductive slip ring is a very mature product. Generally, factory products with reliable quality can provide stable products. On the contrary, most of the damage is caused by the customer's incorrect use method or overload. This paper analyzes the failure causes of the common slip ring failure modes.

1) Slip ring overload burning: the maximum current allowed by the slip ring is the current value that can be safely operated according to the comprehensive factors such as the cross-sectional area of the conductive ring, the contact area of the brush, the pressure between the brush and the contact surface, and the speed. If the value exceeds this value, the electric slip ring may generate heat from light to heavy, or the contact surface may ignite, or even form a welding point between the electric brush and the conductive ring. Although a certain safety factor will be considered in the design phase of the electric slip ring, it is still recommended that the customer provide the slip ring manufacturer with the maximum current actually used.

2) The protection level does not match the use environment: the protection level of the electric slip ring that is not specified is IP50. Some customers put them in places with waterproof requirements without additional protection, which caused water to enter the slip ring, causing internal short circuit and failure of the slip ring.

3) Unsmooth rotation of slip ring: the reason for this kind of problem is that the customer does not choose the anti-seismic dynamic type when selecting the slip ring, but the environment in which the slip ring is used has strong vibration. The thin wall bearing in the slip ring is damaged and the plastic spindle is cracked.

4) The circuit design has no protective circuit, which leads to that: when the ordinary electric slip ring leaves the factory, it will test the insulation performance of the product with a high voltage of more than 5 times of the working voltage. Even so, under some working conditions, the slip ring can not meet the requirements, causing it to be broken down and burned by short circuit.

Therefore, during model selection, the manufacturer needs to inform the manufacturer of all kinds of needs, so that the manufacturer can correctly help you select the applicable model and avoid the above problems.

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