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Common problems in daily use of the slip ring
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Common problems in daily use of the slip ring

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The conductive slip ring is used to help the rotating equipment rotate, transmit the current signal to the rotating equipment, and help to transmit power. The function of the slip ring is obvious. With more and more devices using conductive rings, the requirements for the quality of conductive rings are getting higher and higher. Therefore, we choose manufacturers with high scientific and technological content to produce products of various specifications. JARCH is a professional manufacturer of conductive slip rings, which can help customers choose the most suitable solution for customers.

1) Signal conduction slip ring interference is too large.

The conductive ring can be used to transmit power supply and signal. There will be interference between the power supply and signal, which can be divided into internal interference and external interference. The designer must be clear about the type of signal. Special signals shall be shielded inside and outside with special wires. For the formed conductive ring, if the signal of the conductive ring is found to be disturbed, it can be shielded. If it still cannot be solved, the internal structure of the conductive slip ring can only be redesigned.

2) The protection level does not conform to the use environment:

There is no special description for conductive slip ring, and the protection grade is IP54. If users do not need additional protection, they will place them in places with waterproof requirements, which will lead to water ingress inside the conductive slip ring, causing internal short circuit, thus leading to the failure of the conductive slip ring.

3) The circuit design is not protected:

In general, when the conductive slip ring leaves the factory, the insulation performance of the product shall be tested to be higher than 5 times of the voltage. However, in some cases, the conductive slip ring cannot meet the requirements, resulting in short circuit burning.

4) The conductive slip ring is short circuited.

After being used for a period of time, the conductive slip ring has been used for a long time, or the service life of the conductive slip ring has reached, or the conductive slip ring has been used too much, causing the conductive ring to burn. In general, if the new conductive slip ring is short circuited, it is due to the problem of the internal insulating material of the conductive slip ring, or the direct short circuit between the brush wire and the brush wire, and the broken conductor skin. Exclusion method must be used for detection.

5) The conductive slip ring is burnt due to overload:

The allowable maximum current value of the slip ring can be determined according to comprehensive factors such as the cross-sectional area of the conductive slip ring, brush contact area, brush pressure speed, flow rate, etc. If this range is exceeded, the conductive slip ring will generate heat, the contact surface will catch fire, and even a solder joint will be generated between the brush and the conductive ring. Although a certain safety factor will be considered in the design of conductive slip rings, it is recommended that users should supply conductive slip rings to manufacturers according to the maximum current actually used.

6) The conductive slip ring cannot rotate:

The reason for eliminating the problems of conductive slip ring assembly and bearing selection is that the user did not put forward seismic requirements when selecting the conductive slip ring, and the use environment has large vibration. The thin wall bearing inside the conductive ring is damaged, and the plastic shaft is broken.

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