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The relationship between rotational speed and wear resistance of conductive slip ring
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The relationship between rotational speed and wear resistance of conductive slip ring

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The conductive slip ring, which is used to transmit the signal of the rotating part of the device and transmit the current through the fixed part, has been widely used in all walks of life. Its basic content is composed of a ring composed of many metal rings, an electric brush in contact with the ring, a bracket for fixing, and a jacket for protection.

The two methods of glue injection and lamination are the ring glue injection method and lamination method. The surface of the metal ring and the brush wire usually needs high-quality electroplating surface treatment, and the coating is mostly precious metal, mainly to meet the requirements of good conductivity, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, etc. of the conductive slip ring.

Because the conductive slip ring has a wide range of applications, and many fields with high technology content and high requirements often work continuously under high temperature, vibration, high-speed rotation and other conditions, the performance of the conductive slip ring is required to be very high.

In order to operate normally and safely, it is necessary to have excellent performance in all aspects such as the quality of the conductive slip ring. A series of tests have proved the reliability of the conductive slip ring in special environments. The conductive slip ring is used to conduct various temperature and rotational speed tests in vacuum state to observe the changes of temperature and rotational speed, resulting in the changes of transmitted voltage signal and signal-to-noise ratio. The test shows that under vacuum conditions, increasing the speed and temperature will increase the signal to noise ratio of voltage signal, but when the temperature reaches 100 ° C and the rotation speed increases to 1.3 m/s, the signal to noise ratio is still greater than 279/1. It is concluded that the temperature and speed of the conductive ring have little effect on the transmission of the telex signal. Applications can be satisfied in basically the same environment.

If the above requirements can be met, the conductive ring can certainly cope with the high temperature and high-speed operating environment.

Electric brush is also known as carbon brush, which is the transmission of energy or signal between fixed parts and rotating parts in motors, generators or other rotating machinery. The commutator in the motor includes a brush and a reversing ring, one of which is a carbon brush. When the motor is running, due to the rotation of the rotor, the brush always rubs with the reversing ring, and electric spark burns will occur during the reversing process, so it is a vulnerable part in the DC motor. If you do not pay attention to the daily safety maintenance, the motor damage will increase. Now we will introduce the common maintenance and knowledge of the brush machine.

First, conduct a comprehensive and systematic inspection on the generator conductive ring, brush and pressure spring. As an important part of the generator body, the operator should strengthen the inspection and maintenance of its daily operation, from the passive management of eliminating brushes to the active management of current distribution and temperature. By improving the excitation air duct and increasing the cooling fan, the hot air is discharged out of the factory through the air duct, which has an obvious effect on reducing the brushing temperature and ash deposition.

Equipped with a thermometer and DC clamp, the operator regularly measures the temperature and current of each brush. The current is controlled at 10-90A, and the temperature of the brush body is below 80 ℃. The current imbalance is eliminated in time. The current of gas film, oxide film and brush is not more than 80A.

In addition, the worn brushes should be checked regularly, and small fans should be used to blow the brush holder parts to reduce dust accumulation. When the brush wear exceeds one-third, the products of the same model, manufacturer and model must be replaced. When using a single brush or firing operation, reduce the excitation current first, adjust the brush current balance, and then change the brush.

After each brush change, the maintenance personnel shall conduct a comprehensive inspection of the generator conductive slip ring, brush, compression spring, etc. It is found that after each brush change, the generator conductive slip ring, brush, compression spring, etc. shall be comprehensively inspected. It is found that after each brush change, the generator conductive slip ring, brush, brush, and brush shall be replaced in a timely manner;

If it is polished before use, it must be polished to ensure good contact between the brush and the slip ring surface; Before using the compression spring, check whether the pressure of the compression spring is even. The bayonet should be firmly clamped into the brush spring without popping. The compression spring should be firm without springing.

After taking the above measures, we checked the motor operation one by one, and found that the motor operation has been greatly improved compared with the past, achieving no spark, no discoloration of brush braids, and continuous development.

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