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What do you know about high current slip rings?
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What do you know about high current slip rings?

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The large current conductive slip ring mainly refers to 50A-50A current transmitted to 50A-50A. The conductive ring is different from the signal and ordinary small current conductive ring. Because the overload current is very large, the requirements for the change rate of contact resistance and resistance change rate are very high. As we all know, power=current square * resistance. As long as the contact resistance is a little large, the contact resistance is very large, which requires a very high situation. Therefore, these two points should be paid special attention to when making high current conductive slip rings and designing high current conductive slip rings. High current conductive slip rings also have high requirements for voltage variation. When the current is particularly large, it is easy to produce an electric fire effect, which will have a great impact on the life of slip rings, material oxidation, etc.

So how to make a high current conductive slip ring? In conventional technology, the large current conductive slip ring mainly refers to surface contact and point contact, and surface contact mainly refers to the extensive contact between the carbon brush and the ring in the brush blade. But these two methods have their own advantages and disadvantages, mainly using precious metal brushes and fiber brushes. The optical fiber brush contact mainly relies on point contact, and the contact area depends on the number of fiber brushes to ensure that the contact area is small enough. Although the point contact mode has a positive effect on the life of the conductive slip ring, the shield end of the point contact is prone to short circuits. Due to burnout and other conditions, silver copper wire with high conductivity must be used in the design of high current conductive slip rings. When contacting the fiber brush point, silver, copper and other coatings must be used to make the surface coating have good conductivity. The market share of face contact high current slip rings is more than 70%, which is a relatively mature process with low cost, but the disadvantage is that the area is too large and life is not enough.

With the development of science and technology, the application of conductive slip ring is becoming more and more extensive. Its functions range from the initial current signal transmission to gas, liquid, network cable, optical fiber, etc., which can meet the needs of various industries.

It is widely used in the industrial field. Many machines are rotating, such as CNC workbenches, filling machines, mechanical arms, and robots. Conductive slip rings can enable these machines to work more efficiently, complete more workload, and improve industrial output. The current slip ring can not only transmit current and signal but also transmit gas, which can meet the needs of different customers. Slip rings are almost always encountered in the security industry. Installing slip rings can achieve 360-degree monitoring without dead corners, prevent many crimes, and play a significant role in national security. The appearance of slip rings for various medical equipment has solved many technical problems, enabling the rapid development of the medical industry and ensuring people's life and health. Slip rings have also played a great role in military affairs, including tanks, aircraft, submarines, satellites, and rockets. Aperture, the number of routes, current, speed, etc. can meet these requirements, which is a further improvement of national defense security.

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