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How much current can the slip ring have? What is the maximum speed of high-speed slip ring?
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How much current can the slip ring have? What is the maximum speed of high-speed slip ring?

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****How much current can the slip ring have?

The most basic function of the conductive slip ring is to rotate and conduct electricity. How can we judge the excessive current of the slip ring? We can generally judge the rated maximum current from the size of the slip ring wire diameter. The standard 1 square wire can pass 10A current, 1.5 square wire can pass 15A, 2 square wire can pass 20A, 4 square wire can pass 30A, etc. The greater the slip ring current, the larger the wire diameter. Some large currents can also be connected in parallel, that is, several wires are combined to transmit current. For example, two 5A circuits can be connected in parallel through one 10A circuit, and two 10A circuits can be connected in parallel through one 20A circuit. At present, the maximum current of through hole conductive slip ring researched by Jiachi Electromechanical Co., Ltd. can exceed 5000A. Others use mercury slip rings for large current transmission. Liquid mercury is used as the conductive material, which has good conductivity, small size and high stability, and has become the choice of many customers.

Conventional conductive slip ring determines the current value that the slip ring can safely pass according to the area of the copper ring, the contact area of the brush, the size of the wire diameter, etc. If this value is exceeded, it is easy to short circuit the outgoing line and damage the inner part of the conductive ring. When purchasing the slip ring, the manufacturer must be informed of the current to pass through to avoid many problems.



****What is the maximum speed of a high-speed slip ring?

Generally, the speed of ordinary conductive slip rings is about 300 revolutions per minute. Obviously, many equipments cannot use this speed. The emergence of all high-speed slip rings has become an inevitable trend. Generally, the conductive slip ring is more than 300 revolutions per minute, which is called high-speed conductive slip ring. The biggest difference between the ordinary conductive slip ring and the ordinary slip ring is that the high-speed slip ring uses brush clusters for conduction, while the high-speed slip ring uses carbon brushes for conduction. This internal structure can ensure the stable operation of the product at 5000 revolutions per minute.

At present, the highest speed slip ring of JARCHcan reach 10000 revolutions per minute. High speed slip rings are generally used in centrifuges, non-standard test instruments and other special occasions.

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