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Advantages and disadvantages of pancake slip ring? What is HDMI HD slip ring?
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Advantages and disadvantages of pancake slip ring? What is HDMI HD slip ring?

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The disc slip ring, collector ring, pancake slip ring,flat slip ring and pcb disc slip ring are named just like the disc. The disc slip ring is mainly developed in a narrow space environment.

****Advantages and disadvantages of pancake slip ring?

The disc type conductive slip ring series is divided into integral disc type conductive slip ring and separate disc type slip ring. Single piece disc slip ring can provide solid and different size holes, and separate disc slip ring can provide separate rotor and stator, which can meet stricter height constraint requirements when combined with PCB board.


With the wide application of automatic devices, slip rings have also been rapidly developed. In order to adapt to the installation and use of different conditions, the scientific and technical personnel of Jiachi Electromechanical have made unremitting efforts to finally develop a disc slip ring specially designed to meet the needs of special equipment. The appearance of the disc slip ring makes up for the shortcomings such as the excessive thickness of the existing slip ring, so that it can be used in more equipment fields, Therefore, the disc slip ring material developed by Jiachi electromechanical uses gold contacts, which can meet 50 million revolutions, 90 ° V-shaped groove design, 360 degree smooth and unlimited rotation power, small torque, small wear, low electrical noise, Teflon high temperature resistant wire, anti-aging and high temperature resistance, simplify the circuit, ensure current transmission, and is superior to similar slip rings.

In addition to a strong R&D team, JARCH Electromechanical also has a large number of productive technicians. All parts of Jiachi slip rings are processed and produced by technicians of Jiachi Company. Jiachi now has various lathes and milling machines. There are dozens of CNC machining centers and dozens of technicians of various types

****What is HDMI HD slip ring?

High definition slip ring HDMI series adopts components imported from the United States and high-frequency signal processing technology. It is a high-end conductive slip ring specially developed for HDMI1080P

The maximum speed can reach 2.5GHZ, and 1~24 channels of signal and micro current hybrid products can be applied to the surface treatment process of American military industry, and the superhard gold treatment can ensure extremely low resistance fluctuation and ultra long service life.


HDMI is a high-definition multimedia interface, a digital video/audio interface technology, a dedicated digital interface for image transmission, which can transmit audio and image signals at the same time. At present, the mainstream HDMI standards in the market are 1.4 and 2.0, and HDMI 2.0 is 18Gbps (2.25GB/s); HDMI1.4 is 10.2Gbps (1.275GB/s). The HDMIHDMI2.0 slip ring developed by Jiachi Electromechanical can meet the HDMI2.0 standard, and is widely used in security equipment, unmanned aerial vehicles, handheld PTZ and other high-definition video transmission equipment.

With the development of science and technology, there are more and more CNC system equipment. As the main component of the CNC system, HDClip plays a very important role in the entire CNC system equipment. Therefore, the requirements for electronic slip ring CNC system equipment are very high. However, in order to ensure the normal operation of CNC system equipment, there are high requirements for the quality of this electrical combined slip ring to meet the use needs of these equipment, With constant efforts, the R&D personnel of JARCH Electromechanical have developed various high-definition slip rings that are suitable for different environments, fully meeting the requirements of these CNC system equipment for the use of high-definition slip rings. The high-definition slip rings of Jiachi Electromechanical are generally used in digital systems, CT equipment, monitors, mechanical arms, mechanical arms, beer production equipment, rotary light boxes, milk production equipment, silver plated rotary lines, helicopters, rotary cameras, radar communications, Drum, etc.

High definition slip ring developed by JARCH, The contact material is gold contact, which can reach the service life of 100 million revolutions. The 90 ° V-shaped groove design can rotate 360 degrees smoothly and without restriction. The torque is small, the wear is low, and the air noise is low. The maximum transmission current can reach 500A/circuit or higher. The antioxidant is resistant to high temperature. JARCH is of high quality and high quality. It can not only transmit a large number of signals, but also transmit stably, with good quality, It can fully meet the requirements of various environments for rotating video signal transmission.

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