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What is the material grading of the slip ring?
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What is the material grading of the slip ring?

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****What is the material grading of the slip ring?

The slip ring can be divided into 3 grades in terms of materials. The first is the general grade of ordinary materials. The materials used for this type of slip ring are very common, and the service life and quality of the slip ring are average, so it is widely used in ordinary equipment. Secondly, the gold plated material is of industrial grade. This slip ring core and the cluster brush layer material are gold plated, which greatly reduces the wear rate of the cluster brush and extends the service life of the slip ring. This slip ring is used in precision industrial equipment. Third, the high-grade gold alloy. The internal parts and cluster brushes of this slip ring are made of gold alloy, which further strengthens the life and stability of the product. This slip ring is widely used in military equipment.

In a word, before selecting the slip ring, we should first understand what level of equipment our slip ring is used for, and select the appropriate slip ring according to different use conditions.

The conductive slip ring was originally developed to prevent the wires from being wound during the use of electrical equipment. Therefore, one of the main functions of the slip ring is to conduct electricity, and the other is to rotate without winding wires. A good quality conductive slip ring must have good conductivity. The current transmission is unimpeded, the rotation is smooth, and it can rotate easily. Only when these two items are completed can more functions be developed. Now some large slip ring manufacturers, such as Jiachi Electromechanical Co., Ltd., have rich experience in the R&D and manufacturing of slip rings. In addition to conducting electricity, they can also transmit other media, including vacuum gas, liquid, signal, optical fiber, network, etc., with an increasingly wide range of applications, ranging from electrical equipment to medical equipment, drums, CNC workstations, aircraft, radar, submarines, etc., covering the land, sea and sky, As long as it is necessary to rotate, it can be used. Of course, it also has great requirements on the technology of the manufacturer. We should strive for perfection in all aspects, and strictly control all links from drawing, production, processing, assembly, testing, and strive to become a world famous brand.

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