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What should be paid attention to when installing and customizing the liquid electirc slip ring? What is the application scope of high current slip ring?
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What should be paid attention to when installing and customizing the liquid electirc slip ring? What is the application scope of high current slip ring?

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*****What should be paid attention to when installing and customizing the liquid electirc slip ring? 

The liquid conductive slip ring is mainly powered by the power components. Like the conductive slip ring, in a fundamental sense, the liquid slip ring is mainly used to transfer the fluid medium and gas medium, and transfer the gas source and fluid source from a dynamic state to the required components in any direction and in any direction. The conductive slip ring is mainly used to transmit current and electrical signals from 360 ° static state to the required parts. The common feature is to transmit the medium, which are commonly used industrial joints in industry.


Generally, it is installed on the rotating center of the device, and the slip ring mainly includes two parts: rotating and stationary. The rotating part connects the rotating structure of the device with its corresponding rotating mechanism, which is called "rotor", and it is connected with the fixed structure of the equipment, which is called "rotor". The biggest difference of slip ring asynchronous motor is the rotor structure and operation mode.

First, the slip ring is a very precise equipment, which is equivalent to instruments and meters. It needs to be handled with care and should not be treated roughly, especially during installation. Before installation, please read the installation manual carefully to check whether all accessories of the product are in good condition, and the wires at both ends should be numbered neatly; During installation, the wires shall be carefully prevented from being twisted and broken, so as to prevent the wires from being damaged by external forces and causing them to fall off.

Second, the slip ring should be installed in four prevention areas, namely, moisture-proof, dust-proof, waterproof and explosion-proof. It can be operated underwater without waterproof restrictions; Explosion proof slip ring can be used in dangerous explosive environment and will not explode. This is because the explosion-proof treatment has been done during production, but the explosion-proof slip ring cannot be used underwater unless it has dual explosion-proof and waterproof protection.

****What is the application scope of high current slip ring?

With the continuous progress of science and technology, conductive slip rings are increasingly widely used in all walks of life. Compared with some special industries, conductive slip rings have certain particularity.

For example, the most basic conductive slip rings used in coal mining should be explosion-proof, and the slip rings used in steelmaking should be resistant to high temperature. All conductive slip rings in electroplating industry must be able to generate excessive current. However, due to the electric fire effect when the current is particularly large, many enterprises will tell customers that slip rings with current greater than 50A are impossible. So can we make a conductive ring when the current exceeds 50A? The following small series will explain how to make high current conductive slip rings!


The large current slip ring we are talking about mainly refers to that the current of 50A-50A is transmitted to more than 50A-50A. This slip ring is different from signal and ordinary low current slip ring. Because the overload current is very large, the requirements for the change rate of contact resistance and resistance change rate are very high. As we all know, power=current square * resistance. As long as the contact resistance is a little large, the contact resistance is very large, which requires a very high situation. Therefore, we should pay special attention to these two aspects when making the high current slip ring. Secondly, the high current slip ring also has high requirements on voltage variation. When the current is particularly high, it is easy to produce the electric fire effect, which will have a great impact on the slip ring life, material oxidation, etc.

In fact, as long as the direct electric spark effect of large current is solved, large current conductive slip rings can be produced. Our company has been specializing in the production of slip rings for more than ten years, and supports the customization of slip rings required by any model. Our slogan is "Only what you can not expect, nothing can not be done"!

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