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What is the application prospect of small wind power slip rings? Do you need high current slip rings?
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What is the application prospect of small wind power slip rings? Do you need high current slip rings?

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****What is the application prospect of small wind power slip rings?

The conductive slip ring is a method for connecting 360 degree rotators, transferring energy and signals, which solves the problem of gas electricity mixing in the rotating part. With the further implementation of China's new energy policy and emission reduction policy, as well as the strong support and implementation of the country for the wind power industry, small wind power conductive slip rings have been more and more used in the wind power industry, and their market demand is expanding.

All parts of the country are making great efforts to develop new energy. The government guarantees that, at present, local governments generally adopt the mode of active bank lending. At present, most of the projects led by the national government are large-scale new energy projects, such as Jiuquan large-scale wind farm, Three Gorges Hydropower Station, etc. These large-scale wind power generation projects have large investment, long construction period, and complex design. The testing and acceptance review after the completion of the project is a huge project. Therefore, the related supporting equipment and components, such as slip rings, are highly required, which is not suitable for small manufacturers. Many choose a complete set of mature foreign equipment. Because of the large mechanical power and volume, it was difficult for domestic manufacturers to produce such huge components before, so they had to purchase foreign parts and accessories at a high price, and the cost was very high.


In terms of this development process, the domestic policy still encourages private capital to enter the manufacturing industry related to it. 70% of domestic equipment and parts are required for procurement, which is a good opportunity for domestic private enterprises to develop. However, large slip ring manufacturers are quite rare in China. As the main power for household and public utilities, small wind turbines are bound to have a large number due to their small power, resulting in a sharp increase in the demand for small wind rings closely related to them, which is likely to increase by 30% or faster every year in the future.

Due to the enhancement of China's economic strength, the investment in new energy has increased significantly every year. At the same time, the deterioration of the environment has forced China and the world to actively seek a clean alternative energy, which is the general trend of mankind. To develop earlier and faster than other countries in this regard, our country needs to walk on two legs and develop large and small wind power generation equipment together, In order to enable our future generations to lead the world in the field of new energy and benefit future generations. In many areas of China, especially in the precision instrument processing and manufacturing industry, the processing and manufacturing process of the wind turbine slip ring directly affects the quality of the entire equipment. To make China's industry take the lead in the world, we must start with a small slip ring!

Compared with the domestic slip ring manufacturers, the development of wind energy slip ring manufacturers in China is quite mature, because the slip ring manufacturers of small wind farms have small investment, large scale and large market demand, and many private capital has entered this market. In the final analysis, the risk is small. In China, small wind turbines and large wind farms will coexist in the future. Large wind farms are distributed in the vast northwest region. Wind power generation will deliver large wind power and power consumption to the eastern coastal economically developed areas through ultra-high voltage to supplement the power consumption of households and public utilities. Large wind farms mainly use industrial electricity, while small wind turbines mainly use electricity for residents and utilities. The two complement each other, which may be the blueprint for China's future development of new energy.

****Do you need high current slip rings?

With the development of science and technology and the improvement of technical level, the automation equipment has gradually replaced the traditional industrial model. The conductive slip ring is an essential part of the automation equipment, which can transmit power and signals between 360 degree rotating equipment. When the equipment is running, it plays a key role in avoiding twisting and winding of the equipment. Moreover, some large automatic devices usually require a large current. So, what is the maximum current of a conductive slip ring?

High power and high current conductive rings have been designed. JARCH Electromechanical Co., Ltd. has developed high current slip rings. After years of research, development and innovation, the maximum current and current of Jiachi Electromechanical can reach 7500 amperes today. Because the current flowing through the Jiachi slip ring is too large, it will inevitably produce high temperature. Therefore, the Jiachi slip ring has extremely low contact resistance and low heat generation. The shell is designed with aluminum alloy, which has fast heat dissipation and a large number of heat dissipation holes, which can prevent the slip ring from burning out and short circuiting during operation. This causes accidents.

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