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Application of miniature slip ring in anchor fish industry? What are the advantages of conductive slip rings?
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Application of miniature slip ring in anchor fish industry? What are the advantages of conductive slip rings?

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****Application of miniature slip ring in anchor fish industry? 

Many people think that the conductive slip ring is a small part of industrial equipment, but what we don't know is that the conductive slip ring has actually been integrated into our lives. A beautiful business fountain can't do without the support of waterproof slip rings. The surveillance cameras everywhere on the road can't do without the help of high-definition slip rings. The fishing activities that everyone likes also use miniature conductive slip rings because of the addition of visual anchor fish equipment, So today I'm going to tell you how the visual anchoring device works with the micro conductive slip ring to catch big fish.


Fishing has always been a favorite recreational activity for many people since ancient times. In modern times, in order to facilitate fishing and meet people's needs in this regard, some people have invented a visual fishing boat. It is different from ordinary fishing. A camera is installed on the pole, so that you can easily see the underwater situation when fishing, observe the fish's dynamics, grasp the opportunity, and finish the rod accurately.

Because the fishing boat is a rotary telescopic line, a slip ring is required to connect the display screen and the camera in the process of use, otherwise it is easy to wind the line. The stator line of the slip ring is connected to the display, and the rotor line is connected to the camera, which plays the role of transmitting signals. The scene seen by the camera is transmitted to the display through the slip ring.

JARCH Electromechanical specially developed a slip ring for visual fishing vessels. This slip ring is small in size, easy to carry and install, stable in current signal transmission, with an aluminum alloy shell and gold plating treatment inside. It has very good protection ability and longer service life. It is very suitable for fishing lovers.

****What are the advantages of conductive slip rings?

The application field of conductive slip ring is more and more extensive, and the mechanical equipment used for it is also more and more. What can replace the conductive slip ring? To replace it, we should first understand the role of conductive slip rings. The conductive slip ring is divided into two parts. The stator end is connected to the fixed parts of the equipment, and the rotor end is connected to the rotating parts of the equipment, and the rotating movement, current or signal are transmitted to the equipment along the slip ring, so as to ensure the normal operation between machines without being hindered by winding.图片
The function of the slip ring looks a little like that of the commutator, but there is a big difference between the two. The slip ring is a continuous ring, which can continuously transmit current, signals, etc., whether it is a DC motor or an AC motor. The ring of the steering gear is segmented, which is only used for DC motors. The end of each armature coil is connected to the commutator 180 degrees apart, and the current is transferred to the armature coil through the brush steering gear.


From the initial transmission of current to the transmission of signals behind, Ethernet, optical fiber, etc., the slip ring has become more and more powerful and can be applied to various rotating bases or platforms. From CNC processing tables, cable reels, mechanical arms and other civilian equipment to radar, unmanned aerial vehicles, nuclear submarines and other military aspects, many machine equipment can not be separated from it, and there is no substitute for it at present.

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