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What is the difference between disc slip ring and PCB slip ring? Have you ever used high temperature slip rings?
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What is the difference between disc slip ring and PCB slip ring? Have you ever used high temperature slip rings?

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****What is the difference between disc slip ring and PCB slip ring? 

Disc slip ring, also called flat slip ring, is also called pancake slip ring because its shape is like a round cake. Many people confuse the disc slip ring and PCB slip ring. They are very similar in shape and almost the same in function. They are applicable to the limited height space and the expansion of horizontal space to meet the special space series requirements. However, their material, size, installation environment and service life are different.


JARCH Electromechanical Co., Ltd. has focused on slip ring R&D and production for nearly 20 years. With super hard gold plating and super thick copper foil process, the PCB slip ring produced can be as thin as 6mm. Compared with disk slip ring, it can be used in smaller space, with a simple structure, fewer processes, fast batch production and relatively low cost. The disk slip ring is equipped with a metal shell outside the PCB board, which greatly improves its protection capability. It can be used in a more harsh environment and has a longer service life. However, its height and diameter will increase, and its price will be more expensive. Both can only say that they have their own characteristics. Therefore, we should choose the slip ring according to their own conditions, and the appropriate one is the best.

****Have you ever used high temperature slip rings?


Industrial equipment has gradually replaced manual processing. Many special environments require special automation equipment to replace them. Common special environments include humid environment, high temperature environment, and dust environment. Conductive slip rings are increasingly used as indispensable small parts of automation equipment. People have more and more requirements for slip rings, and high temperature slip rings are needed in some special environments. The applicable temperature of conventional conductive slip ring is generally - 30-80 ℃, and the slip ring with temperature exceeding 100 ℃ belongs to high-temperature slip ring, which shall be specially customized.


The conductive slip ring developed by Jiachi Electromechanical Co., Ltd. is specially designed to work in high-temperature environment. It can withstand up to 1000 ℃ high temperature and transmit various current signals at the same time. Due to the material structure of the slip ring, the higher the temperature is, the lower the service life of the slip ring will be. If it exceeds a certain temperature, it may even be damaged directly and cannot be used. The high-temperature resistant slip ring is made of high temperature resistant material, which can be used normally for a long time in high-temperature environment without affecting its electrical performance.

High-temperature resistant slip rings are often used in industrial machines, cable reels, test equipment, robots, exhibition display equipment and other fields. JARCH Electromechanical has a special high temperature resistance test to ensure the stability and reliability of products in high temperature environments.

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