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Is waterproof slip ring really waterproof? What scenarios are waterproof slip rings mainly used in? How are the slip rings widely used in robot hands?
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Is waterproof slip ring really waterproof? What scenarios are waterproof slip rings mainly used in? How are the slip rings widely used in robot hands?

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Can waterproof conductive slip rings that are weather proof really be waterproof? What scenarios are waterproof slip rings mainly used in? Many customers have asked us about Jiachi Electromechanical, and our answer to each customer is yes. Waterproof slip rings can certainly be waterproof, and the grade of waterproof slip rings varies according to different use environments.

**** Is waterproof slip ring really waterproof? 


Outdoor Equipment


With the development of science and technology, slip rings are also used more and more widely. At the same time, they should be able to adapt to a variety of environments. Many equipment needs to be operated in the open air. When it rains, they will be drenched. Some even need to work underwater, such as submarines, fishing boats, etc. At this time, ordinary slip rings can not work, and must use waterproof slip rings. Waterproof slip ring is a slip ring used in humid, corrosive and underwater environments. The R&D team of Jiachi Electromechanical Co., Ltd. is committed to the use of slip rings in various harsh environments, and the protection level of slip rings can reach IP68. IP68 protection level is the highest level of the national standard. 6. The dustproof performance has reached the highest level, effectively preventing dust from entering; The waterproof grade represented by 8 will not cause damage due to immersion under the specified time and water depth. This waterproof slip ring can transmit current signal and other media while preventing liquid from penetrating into the slip ring. It is characterized by low rotating torque, low signal transmission loss, no maintenance, low electrical noise and long service life.


Underwater Robot

  *-****What scenarios are waterproof slip rings mainly used in?

The application range of waterproof slip rings is very wide. Generally, the slip rings used by outdoor automation equipment need to consider waterproof design, and the conductive slip rings used by various mechanical equipment above the sea also need to consider waterproof requirements because of the humid use environment. Our conventional waterproof slip rings mainly have two basic points. One is to use waterproof conductive slip rings to prevent domestic water and rain outside. Our design standard for such slip rings is IP65, which is sufficient to ensure that the conductive slip rings can be used normally in outdoor rain. The other is underwater slip rings used underwater. Our general protection level for such slip rings is up to IP68, which can ensure that the slip rings can be used normally underwater.

****How are the slip rings widely used in robot hands?

With the rapid development of industrial automation, industrial robots have been more and more applied to various occasions. Under this background, industrial robots have gradually replaced some working environments with high labor intensity and poor working environment. Relevant experts believe that the industrial robot market in China is mainly concentrated in the automobile, motorcycle, electrical appliances, engineering machinery, petrochemical and other industries, and the demand of enterprises for technological progress is growing day by day. Among them, there are still many robot users in automobile manufacturing, engineering machinery, motors and other fields. The demand and variety of domestic industrial robots are increasing year by year. With the continuous emergence of new robots, the demand for conductive slip rings also increases. The automation equipment with conductive slip ring as the transmission node has gradually replaced the labor-intensive production industry in the past. The birth of the robot arm has replaced the posts previously held by manual workers. The conductive slip ring, as the rotating transmission center of the robot arm, has also been rapidly developed.


  1. With the sustained and rapid development of China's national economy, accelerating the economic restructuring and industrial upgrading, and improving the level of industrial automation, China's robot technology will certainly get greater development in the global scope, and will also promote the rapid development of China's robot technology. Domestic robots are not suitable for domestic slip rings, mainly because foreign slip rings are not suitable for the current situation of China's robot technology system, the system selection is unreasonable, the configuration is improper, the technical support before and during sales is lacking, and the after-sales service cannot keep up. In addition to foreign conductive slip ring products with high price and poor use effect, China has a good opportunity to develop Chinese robots and complete automation equipment to meet the needs of the domestic market.


2. With the development of electronics, numerical control, robotics and other technologies, the technology used for the production of industrial robots has become mature. Its characteristics are: it can steadily improve the quality of production operations, effectively improve work efficiency, improve the working conditions and intensity of workers, shorten the preparation period for retrofitting, and reduce equipment investment. The conductive slip ring is widely used in the robot manufacturing process, which improves the automation level and production efficiency of robot parts production, makes production more flexible, ensures the work quality, and can adapt to different types of products.

3. The conductive ring makes the cable arrangement inside the robot orderly, and has the characteristics of convenient use, maintenance, debugging, etc., making the overall layout reasonable and beautiful. The conductive slip ring is made of imported materials with stable performance, long service life and maintenance free. The conductive slip ring adopts the domestic leading military level high standard surface treatment process, and its shape design is exquisite. The metal-to-metal contact ensures extremely low contact resistance. Its working life is very long, and it can transmit weak signals. The conductive ring can improve the system performance, simplify the system structure, and prevent the conductor from twisting when rotating. Now we know that most robot customers use robot slip rings to make LPC cap slip rings, LPM micro cap slip rings, LPMS micro cap slip rings, LPT hollow shaft slip rings, LPFO optical fiber slip rings, etc.

4. High tech enterprises. There is a research and development team composed of several senior engineers who have worked in many multinational companies' factories and well-known research institutions in China, committed to the development and production of high-quality, all kinds of industrial conductive slip rings. It can provide highly reliable and optimized component system design for various automatic control fields, and provide products and services for many well-known domestic manufacturers for a long time.

Because our product performance and indicators have always been in the forefront of similar products, because we strictly manage all aspects of design, production and inspection, and guarantee advanced imported equipment and high-tech technology, our product performance and indicators have always been in the forefront of similar products. With strong R&D strength and close cooperation with foreign well-known manufacturers, our company not only provides general industrial conductive slip rings, but also customizes slip rings with special specifications according to customer requirements. From 6 to 300, from 2 amperes to 2500 amperes, from 220 volts to 3000 volts, from 100 to fiber slip rings, we can meet customer needs.

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