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What should be paid attention to when installing slip rings? Pusher of slip ring technology development
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What should be paid attention to when installing slip rings? Pusher of slip ring technology development

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Customers of conductive slip rings will ask us how to install the conductive slip rings, and whether there is anything special to pay attention to when installing the conductive slip rings. In fact, the installation of conductive slip rings is very simple, and there are not too many problems to pay attention to. When wiring, you need to connect the color of the corresponding line. Jiachi Electromechanical has a perfect after-sales group, which can provide video installation guidance, and can also arrange technicians to provide on-site installation guidance.

Our conventional conductive slip rings can be divided into two types: through hole installation and flange installation. The through hole installation method determines the size of the inner hole of my slip ring according to the size of your rotating shaft. When installing, the rotating shaft passes through the center of our slip ring directly. Fix our slip ring rotor and the rotating spindle together with a set screw, and then fix the stop plate on our slip ring stator with a support rod, At that time, our slip ring will continuously rotate with the rotary shaft, so as to solve the problem of equipment winding.

The following figure is the installation diagram of our through hole slip ring:


In addition to through hole installation, our products also have a flange installation method. This installation method is mainly customized according to the customer's rotary plate. We can design the corresponding flange plate according to the installation hole position that the customer stops supplying. After the customer gets the product, he can directly connect our product with their rotary plate. It is simple to install and convenient to maintain and is popular with customers. The following picture is the schematic diagram of our flange installation method.


*****What should be paid attention to when installing slip rings?


The installation of a conductive slip ring is actually very simple. What problems should we pay attention to during the installation? The following small articles have sorted out some problems that should be paid attention to when installing conductive slip rings:

1. Ordinary slip rings shall not be used in damp, dusty, and other harsh environments as much as possible. If they must be used, protective measures shall be taken.

2. Before installation and use, carefully check whether all components of the slip ring are normal and free of damage, and certain quality can be seen from the appearance.

3. The conductors at both ends of the slip ring shall be protected from damage, which may affect the transmission of current signals.

4. The slip ring shall not be used for bearing, and the conductor shall not be squeezed by heavy objects.

5. The slip ring is a precision transmission part. It is better not to disassemble it without technicians from the manufacturer to avoid affecting the use performance of the slip ring.

6. When the slip ring is used, the conductor colors of the rotor and the stator should correspond one by one to avoid damaging the slip ring itself and the equipment, and the connection with the equipment should be checked.

The above are some precautions for ordinary slip rings. However, because there are many types of slip rings, even most of them are non-standard and customized, some installation methods for different slip rings are not necessarily the same. If you do not know how to operate, you must consult technicians and install them under the guidance of technicians, otherwise it is easy to cause damage.

****Pusher of slip ring technology development

Slip rings have a long history, which can be traced back to the rise of industry. At the beginning, industrial application equipment was rotated through bearings. Later, with the development of technology, more high-tech equipment was developed and used. Simple bearings can no longer meet the requirements of these equipment. In order to improve the industry, slip rings came into being.


Slip rings, also known as collector rings, collector rings, etc., are mainly used to solve the problem of line winding when machines and equipment are rotating 360 degrees and can transmit energy and signals. Slip rings were used earlier in foreign countries. Many of them were imported from abroad, and the price was relatively high. Later, in response to the national slogan of "rejuvenating the country through industry", many enterprises began to focus on their own domestic technology research and development, and domestic slip rings also emerged. Shenzhen Jiachi Electromechanical Technology Co., Ltd. is one of the earliest enterprises engaged in the slip ring field in China. With nearly 20 years of R&D and manufacturing experience, its products have been sold to more than 50000 enterprises at home and abroad. From the earliest carbon brush slip ring to today's new brush slip ring, the slip ring has been used more and more widely. It is not limited to the transmission of current and signal, including gas, liquid, optical fiber, etc. It can be used. It can be waterproof, explosion-proof, high temperature resistant, and adapt to various harsh environments. The speed is up to 12000 revolutions. It is not only used in civil, industrial, and military aviation, but also solves many technical problems, and is the driver of scientific development.

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