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How does slip ring technology adapt to the market?
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How does slip ring technology adapt to the market?

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Slip rings can be called conductive slip rings, collector rings, rotary joints, rotary joint electrical interfaces, industrial slip rings, collector rings, return rings, coils, commutators, adapters, conductive rings and brushes in many fields. In the future, with the maturity and development of slip ring technology, the improvement of the manufacturer's process and the reduction of cost, the popularization of slip ring products will become possible. For multimode optical fiber slip rings, conductive slip rings, collector rings, etc., the production and use are very tests for an enterprise's R&D and production capacity. It is very difficult to achieve an optical fiber slip ring with low loss, especially at high speed. Now some imported brands have such strength.

****How does slip ring technology adapt to the market?


Slip ring industry will face a market revolution in the new economic market, and the game between information and strategy. The network economy has transmitted information to every corner of the world. Each opponent plays a different role in the game. Like other games, when all forces are in a very stalemate, there will always be some variables or clever plans or unexpected events, which will lead to a change in the situation. This is why the economy is difficult to predict. But the winners are often those players who have clear systems, sunny decisions and brilliant plans. In recent years, the vicious expansion of capital has led to unprecedented prosperity in economic development, which has indeed brought many development opportunities to all walks of life. For example, the slip ring industry has also benefited from the explosive growth of upstream industries such as the electronics industry, engineering machinery, and intelligent machines, and has also witnessed rapid development. The economy is often associated with both prosperity and loss.


The current economy is indeed in a very complex and gloomy period. Several economies in the world are facing different problems, which is also a problem for slip ring manufacturers. As China's economic model in previous years is difficult to sustain, the start of domestic demand is affected by all aspects and is completely impossible.

Infrastructure investment is essentially a capital transfer, and the real beneficiary group is very few, especially for ordinary people who drive consumer demand. The form of export is more complex. First, the cost caused by internal conflicts rises, and second, the pressure of RMB appreciation will reduce the competitiveness of a large number of export enterprises, worsen the production environment, and bear the risks passed on by the United States; However, the current debt crisis of the European Union has severely damaged the EU organization, which may paralyze the entire euro system and almost make the European economy look hopeless in the short term; Japan's continuous recession for many years has never really recovered. The Toyota door incident in recent years, the earthquake this year and the Fukushima nuclear crisis have made Japan's economy worse and its future bleak; As the largest economy in the world, the United States is like a country within a country. Its prosperity over the years has been based on the capital grab and risk transfer from other economies. The continuous devaluation of the U.S. dollar and huge debts in the past decade have enabled the world to continuously deliver benefits to the United States. The United States is indeed a master of capital tide, and the world economy may also be brought to a deeper valley by the United States. Only when all the opponents fall down can we maintain our military and economic hegemony in the next round of economic recovery.

It is precisely because of these economic problems that the economy may decline in the future. The demand for conductive slip rings will inevitably be affected. However, as a key component of the joint of emerging productive forces, the development of science and technology and the development of high-tech products such as intelligent and automatic equipment are unstoppable. Slip rings represent the direction of future development and will certainly have broad prospects.

With the development of industrial technology, equipment in the automation field is changing more and more frequently. Many accessories also need non-standard customization, such as rotating power transmission equipment, which needs non-standard conductive slip rings. JARCH can customize conductive slip rings suitable for your equipment according to your requirements to meet the use requirements of your equipment.


  Feature of non-standard slip ring:

1. The shape can be customized according to customer requirements to meet the installation mode

2. The number of circuits can be customized, and the maximum current can reach 1000A

3. Aperture can be customized, and the maximum aperture can reach 2m

4. Connection mode can be customized

5. The overall accessory materials can be customized

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