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What are the composition, structure and classification of slip rings? Science popularization of explosion-proof slip ring technology
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What are the composition, structure and classification of slip rings? Science popularization of explosion-proof slip ring technology

※ What are the composition, structure, and classification of slip rings? 

Capsule slip ring, which looks like a hat. The cap-type slip ring has a compact shape, and it is also equipped with a method plate. There are several holes on the method plate to cooperate with the equipment for installation. Generally, the cap-type slip ring is a structure that rotates the internal shaft through external fixation. The cap-type slip ring not only has low resistance, but also has a long life, and is more reliable in operation. It is suitable for small rotating systems that transmit weak signals and is widely used in spherical closed-circuit television, medical equipment, robots, and electrical equipment, Exhibition, display and other fields. Of course, Jiachi's engineers can also specially design and customize this type of conductive slip ring according to customer requirements.


Hollow shaft slip ring, in fact, the slip ring with a hole in the center is collectively referred to as a hollow shaft conductive slip ring, which can also be called a through hole slip ring. The maximum rotation speed of this type of conductive slip ring is calculated in minutes. It is worth noting that long-time high-speed operation is not recommended, which will not necessarily shorten the service life of this type of conductive slip ring. If it continues to operate at an Overspeed, in addition to the impact on the service life, It will also greatly reduce the quality of the transmission signal, so it is easier to damage the slip ring. Through-hole conductive slip ring has a wide range of applications, such as large-scale wind power generation equipment, packaging machinery, large-scale machining center, medical rotary instrument operating table, etc.


The structure of the separated slip ring is not simple. It is composed of a separated rotor and contact brush. In this part, the rotor has its own through-hole for assembling the transmission shaft. At the same time, the contact pin can be used to replace the wire contact, which can transmit large flow. Because of space, cost and system limitations, a conductive slip ring of the same type cannot meet the operation of large equipment, At this time, we can cooperate with the contact brush and rotor provided by the system to apply to hydraulic or pneumatic transmission systems, instruments, processing equipment, medical equipment, military, and aerospace.

slip ring.png

The disc-type slip ring(pancake slip ring) consists of three parts: stator, rotor, and shrapnel. The shrapnel is connected to the stator, and the other end is in contact with the rotor. In fact, the stator and rotor are both equipped with mounting holes. This type of disc type slip ring can be installed on the equipment in use, and the rotor is installed with a guide wire. The disc-type conductive slip ring is widely used for equipment with vertical restrictions, and can also greatly save space.

disc slipring.jpg

The conductive slip ring is a kind of conductive slip ring with high safety and reliability, which is suitable for working in explosive environments, such as oil platforms, explosive material packaging equipment, agricultural product processing equipment, coal mines, spraying and other dangerous places.

※ Science popularization of explosion-proof slip ring technology


An explosion-proof conductive slip ring conducts electricity through the relative friction between conductive contact materials, so in principle, electric sparks cannot be avoided. Conventional conductive slip rings usually focus on electrical performance, while protection is relatively weak. Therefore, the use of non-explosion-proof conductive slip rings will be a major potential safety hazard in explosive environments.

bore slipring exp-proof.jpg

The explosion-proof slip ring starts from its principle, structure, and materials, and combines its own experience in developing and producing highly reliable conductive slip rings for many years to develop an explosion-proof conductive slip ring. At the same time, it meets the requirements of an explosive gas environment and explosive dust environment. The protection grade is IP68 explosion-proof slip ring. The product has passed the certification of the national authority - Shenzhen Institute of Explosion-proof Research and has obtained the explosion-proof certificate of explosion-proof conductive slip ring.

Class iB of explosion-proof slip ring limits the energy of ignition source and electrical equipment that cannot ignite explosive gas mixture under normal operation and one fault. Under normal operation, the safety factor is 2.0; In the case of one fault, the safety factor is 1.5. During normal operation, contacts with sparks must be protected by flameproof enclosures or gas-tight enclosures, and the safety factor in case of a fault is 1.0.

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