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How to conduct daily maintenance of the slip ring? Why is the price difference of the slip ring?

How to conduct daily maintenance of the slip ring? Why is the price difference of the slip ring?

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The conductive slip ring is an electrical component responsible for transmitting energy and signals to the rotating body. The conductive slip ring is usually installed at the rotating center of the equipment and is mainly composed of rotating parts and static parts. The rotating part is connected with the rotating structure of the equipment, called the rotor, and the static part is connected with the energy of the fixed structure of the equipment, called the stator. The conductive slip ring as a whole depends on the elastic lapping principle, rolling lapping principle or sealing principle, clever movement structure and sealing structure design, accurate matching of parts manufacturing and reasonable material selection. Form a transfer communication system.


****How to conduct daily maintenance of the slip ring? 

What should be paid attention to when removing and cleaning the slip ring in daily use?

1. Professional maintenance personnel shall disassemble and clean the slip ring. General personnel shall not attempt to disassemble the slip ring;

2. Turn off all the current and signals passing through the slip ring, remove the screws on the support plate, and rotate the stator frame;

3. Exit the slip ring housing in the direction of the arrow;

4. Unless it is particularly dirty, it is generally not necessary to disassemble PCB for cleaning. The conductive circuit can be thoroughly cleaned by spraying the slip ring cleaner on the circuit and rotating the stator frame;

5. It is prohibited to remove the brush pin from the PCB, because the elastic pressure of the brush pin is accurately adjusted each time, and cannot be recovered after removal;

6. Volatilize the cleaned slip ring for 10-20 minutes, and then install the rubber seal ring, slip ring housing and fixed support plate screws.

Finally, how to maintain the slip ring:

1. Lubricate and assemble the slip ring. After the cleaning agent is completely volatilized, evenly spray slip ring lubricant on the surface of the conductive ring, and rotate the stator frame to make the lubricant spraying more uniform;

2. Cleaning agent requirements: slip ring cleaning agent shall be able to dissolve fat dirt formed by light oil, carbon accumulation and electric arc. Strong volatility. The cleaner shall not corrode the metal, and the rubber or plastic shall not be aged or cracked. It is recommended to use special slip ring cleaning spray;

3. Install and maintain the slip ring according to the installation instructions. Frequent cleaning of the slip ring may affect the service life of the slip ring. It is recommended to check the conductive circuit of slip ring regularly.

****Why is the price difference of the slip ring?

There are many questions when buying conductive slip rings. Why are the prices of the same conductive slip rings so different in different companies? In fact, this is caused by the conductive slip ring material. The price of conductive slip rings of the same specification made of different materials will vary greatly. Today, we will talk about the influence of conductive slip ring materials on the price of conductive slip rings.

The conductive slip ring plays an important role in mechanical automation, medical care, measuring instruments, filling machinery and other fields to meet the power signal of 360 ° continuous rotation inside the electromechanical system. Hat type slip ring, through hole slip ring and separated slip ring, are common structural classifications. Its main components are roughly the same. Take the cap type slip ring as an example, it generally includes: 

Housing cover, bearing shaft, brush ring, spring support, etc. Today, we take the capsule type slip ring as an example to introduce the material of the slip ring. The materials of the cap-type slip ring can be mainly divided into shell materials (shell), contact materials (brush ring), support materials (bearing brush frame), and insulation materials (partition). Housing material. The conductive slip ring operates normally 360 ° infinitely in the mechanical and electrical system, plays a connecting role, and generally rotates with mechanical parts.

 Therefore, when selecting the slip ring housing material, the engineering plastic or stainless steel material will be weighed according to the customer's budget. In addition, pay attention to forks, locking screws, etc. To ensure the durability, reliability and stability of the conductive slip ring. The continuous contact between the brush wire and the ring of the conductive slip ring is the core of the slip ring transmission. The long-term high-speed contact between the brush wire and the loop requires the wear resistance and conductivity of the material. The loop wire brush is generally made of precious metal materials, including gold, silver, copper and nickel alloys. Improve the transmission performance of the slip ring and extend its service life. Supporting materials. The supporting materials generally refer to slip ring bearings, which have low design accuracy and overall strength. This requires that the supporting materials in the slip ring improve the overall strength, adapt to the operating environment of the electromechanical system, and resist punching and vibration. Generally speaking, titanium alloy materials mainly focus on the selection of supporting materials. Insulation material. The insulation material is used as the direct partition and sealing bonding of the loop to ensure that the slip ring is not affected by the external environment, the direct power signal of each loop is not disturbed, and the spacer and other materials have strong insulation performance and high temperature resistance. Epoxy resin materials are generally used as sealing materials.

Many small workshops that make conductive slip rings do not consider the comprehensive performance of conductive slip rings. They use low-end waste materials to make conductive slip rings. Neither the service life nor the safety performance of such conductive slip rings can be guaranteed. Therefore, when we buy conductive slip rings, we must not just look at the price. After all, conductive slip rings are sophisticated electrical equipment, The comprehensive performance of conductive slip ring is the final attribute we need to consider.

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