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Is the slip ring anti-interference? How to solve the anti-interference of the slip ring? How does the slip ring work? What is the principle of slip ring?

Is the slip ring anti-interference? How to solve the anti-interference of the slip ring? How does the slip ring work? What is the principle of slip ring?

※ Is the slip ring anti-interference? 

The conductive slip ring is a mechanical component that can rotate the conduction current and various control signals. When using the conductive slip ring, many customers found that the conductive slip ring did not have too big a problem when it was rotating to conduct various currents. However, when the conductive slip ring was rotating to conduct various control signals, some signal transmission problems would occur, such as instability or inaccurate signal transmission. In fact, it was because of some reasons that the transmission of the conductive slip ring was interfered with, This leads to various problems of the conductive slip ring in the process of signal transmission.


Because the distance between the metal ring of the conductive ring and the metal ring, and between the wires, and the wires are often intertwined with each other. Each path of the conductive slip ring often needs to span a variety of complex signals. When these signals are transmitted at the same time, serious interference will occur between them. The interference between signals will affect the quality of information transmission, and cause signal distortion when it is serious. They mainly include electrostatic induction coupling, magnetic field induction coupling, electromagnetic field induction coupling, and other forms. Therefore, the anti-interference performance of the conductive slip ring is a very important index.

※ How to solve the anti-interference of the slip ring?  


Between metal rings and between wires, it is basically parallel. When the voltage passes, it is equal to that there are many capacitors distributed in the conductive ring. The capacitance size and the frequency of interference information will affect the size of electrostatic induction. If the voltage is higher and the current is lower, the electrical interference generated can be solved by electric field shielding. Generally, the shielding layer is added to the interference source, and the shielding method is adopted for the shielding layer; In case of high voltage and frequency, electromagnetic shielding shall be adopted, that is, metal conductor material shall be used as the shielding layer, which can play a good role in shielding electrical and magnetic interference. The non-interference precision conduction slip ring uses conductive metal materials as the shielding layer and shielding rings between rings as the shielding grounding. This method makes the interference degree negligible; When transmitting AC voltage, due to the small distance between loops, the mutual inductance will occur. When the voltage is small and the current is large, magnetic interference will occur. Therefore, high magnetic conductor can be used as electromagnetic shielding.

※ How does the slip ring work?

In the structural design, the conductive ring needs to ensure the reliability of contact to ensure the continuous connection of each line. Suitable for unrestricted, continuous, or intermittent 360-degree rotation, providing all electromechanical systems in data and signals.

The sliding connection is a precise transmission device to realize the image, data signal, and power transmission of two relative rotating mechanisms. The new conductive slip ring greatly simplifies the system structure and avoids the guide wire twisting when rotating. Ensure reliable contact points and continuous connection of all lines. Therefore, the conductivity of the material used for the brush must be good, the pressure of the conductive slip ring should be appropriate, and the slip ring should have small eccentricity and shake, wear resistance and small friction to ensure product quality.

※ What is the principle of slip ring?

The conductive ring assembly is composed of a slip ring, brush assembly, fixing bracket, concentric ball bearing and other main parts. The design and manufacturing process of its main components will affect the wear life of the slip ring. The slip ring core conductive ring is generally made of copper, brass, coin silver or metal materials. The conductive ring surface also needs to be plated with multiple layers of precious metal materials to play the role of reducing impedance, so that the metal body can quickly lead to the extension of slip ring wear resistance and reduce electrical noise. To ensure that the brush fully contacts the conductive ring on the conductive ring, the conductive ring is designed as a V-ring.

In addition, its internal brush components are processed with precious metal alloy wires, and the brush materials are palladium, gold alloy or gold plated wire brushes, and copper graphite composite brushes. The brush wires rely on elastic pressure and V-ring groove sliding contact to transmit signals and currents. Therefore, the brush materials have good conductivity, the slip ring pressure is appropriate, the slip ring eccentricity and shaking deviation are reduced, wear resistance, friction torque is small, and maintenance is convenient. Shielding, impedance matching and noise voltage are also considered.

Slip ring components can be divided into low-frequency slip ring, intermediate frequency slip rings and high-frequency rotary hinge. Usually there are only the first two slip rings.

A slip ring device is used to transmit radar IF signal and energy. The slip ring has high frequency and needs shielding. The ordinary slip ring can also be used to transmit signals lower than 12MHz. The outer layer of the ring cable is used as the shielding ring. Signals transmitting more than 12 MHz are usually coaxial shielded slip rings. The section of the slip ring is grooved, and it is basically a rectangular coaxial guide.


Application fields of conductive ring assembly:

● Reactor

● Rotating light box

Dairy production equipment.

● Helicopter

● Winding machine

● Tanks

  • Brewery production equipment.

  • Intelligent dynamic toys.

  • Transverse copper plated wire.

● Amusement facilities

● Road and bridge machinery

● Manipulators

● Rotating stage

Single electric furnace operating lamp.

● Drilling equipment

● Intelligent household appliances

  • Circular knitting machine.

  • Glucose filling production equipment.

● Aviation equipment

● Hot roller

  • Rotate the camera.

  • Radar communication equipment

  • In pipe camera.

● Shield machine

● Cable winch

● Food machinery

● Mechanical

● Heated shaft

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