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How big can the current of the high current slip ring be? What is a slip ring? What is the working principle of the conductive slip ring?

How big can the current of the high current slip ring be? What is a slip ring? What is the working principle of the conductive slip ring?

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※ How big can the current of the high current slip ring be?

With the development of science and technology, conductive slip rings have been used in all walks of life and various fields, and people's requirements for conductive slip rings are getting higher and higher. In some special scenarios: rotary table, lifting equipment tower, cable reel, Welding, etc. requires the conductive slip ring to have a large current flow to drive the equipment to run. Therefore, the high-current conductive slip ring came into being, and many customers want to know how much current the high-current conductive slip ring can achieve.


High-current slip rings are also known as high-current conductive rings and high-power slip rings. JARCH Electromechanical has designed many kinds of schemes for more than ten years, and has carried out many tests. Now the maximum current of JARCH Electromechanical's high-current slip ring can reach 2000A, using gold alloy as the main contact material, high current The slip ring needs reliable electrical contact and good heat dissipation in order to avoid the burning of the contact material of the slip ring. The high current slip ring of JARCH slip ring has selected the best contact material, and adopts the contact with extremely low resistance, and the heat generation is small. , The outer shell is designed with aluminum alloy, which can dissipate heat faster. JARCH Electromechanical's high-current slip rings can be customized according to customer requirements for the size of the shaft diameter of the slip ring, the size of the current, the number of channels and the protection level. High-current slip rings are widely used in security, electricity, automation, aviation, military, ships and in transit. The slip rings produced by JARCH Electromechanical will go through a series of system tests before they are sent to customers, and they will be sent to customers after confirmation.

※ What is a slip ring? 

The slip ring is an indispensable part of industrial equipment and supports the operation of the equipment. The working principle of the conductive slip ring is to complete the transmission of electric energy and the transmission of signals between the fixed seat frame, the rotating parts and the rolling parts. It is a very precise transmission device. It mainly uses the conductive slip ring when working. Sliding contact, electromagnetic coupling and electrostatic coupling make the working process easier and smoother.


The slip ring produced by JARCH Electromechanical can also be used on motor equipment without any restrictions on continuous rotation or intermittent rotation. The internal structure of the slip ring has been greatly simplified, making the structure of the system simpler. It will not cause any sprain due to the continuous rotation of the thread head, which greatly improves work efficiency.


※  What is the working principle of the conductive slip ring?

The whole of the conductive slip ring relies on the principle of elastic lap joint, rolling lap joint principle or sealing principle, as well as ingenious motion structure and sealing structure design, precise parts production and coordination, reasonable material selection, etc., forming a stable and reliable rotary connection system. As long as the slip ring is attached to the infinitely rotating equipment, it can provide a power source for the rotation, so that the rotating body can perform other motions while infinitely moving, or detect the working conditions under the rotating state.


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