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Can slip rings through the air? What is a photoelectric slip ring(OERJ)?

Can slip rings through the air? What is a photoelectric slip ring(OERJ)?

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※ What is a photoelectric slip ring?

A photoelectric slip ring, also known as a photoelectric combined slip ring or photoelectric rotary connector, is a slip ring that transmits optical and electrical signals to ensure normal transmission of optical and electrical signals between two relatively rotating components. Optical slip rings are often used in high-tech fields such as radar, fire control systems, optoelectronic pods, and satellites. Optical slip rings can cooperate with equipment to rotate 360 degrees without interruption while transmitting optical fiber signals and various current control signals.


Under normal circumstances, the optical fiber slip ring is installed in the center of the conductive slip ring through the hole, and the two slip rings rotate coaxially and synchronously, which can transmit high-definition video signals, etc. When the optical fiber transmits signals, due to the non-contact coupling in the rotary connection, the life of the optical fiber slip ring will be relatively long. The photoelectric slip ring has another structure, which is to directly place an optical fiber collimator in the via hole conductive slip ring to form a compact one-optical multi-electrical slip ring.


Optical fiber slip rings are often used in conjunction with via-hole conductive slip rings. Optical fiber slip rings are responsible for transmitting optical signals, and conductive slip rings are responsible for transmitting energy and low-speed signals. Under normal circumstances, electricity is used in communication systems. When photoelectric conversion equipment is used for photoelectric conversion in optical fiber communication systems, a low-voltage power supply is required. The consoles, computers, motors and other instruments and equipment of the communication system all require high-voltage or high-power power support, so fiber-optic communication systems are generally inseparable from electricity.


※ Can slip rings through the air?       

With the continuous development of China's industrial level, automation equipment has developed rapidly. Automation equipment has changed from traditional electrification to electrical automation. As an indispensable component of automation equipment, simple conductive slip rings can no longer meet the electrical requirements of modern automatic equipment. demand, many customers will ask our equipment to transmit gas and current in a slip ring at the same time, is there such a slip ring? Is such a slip ring stable and stable in operation? Among them, this kind of gas-electric slip ring has already come out, and its stability and reliability have been proved by the practical operation of various equipment in various fields.



The gas-electric combination slip ring, as the name suggests, is a slip ring that can pass through both gas and electricity at the same time. The gas-electric combination slip ring is divided into two parts: a circuit slip ring and a gas circuit slip ring. The mandrel of the circuit slip ring is installed at a certain distance. There is a copper ring, and the insulator on the shell is equipped with a brush; the mandrel of the gas path slip ring part has a gas path composed of an axial section and a radial section, which is a high-end rotary joint product, effective It integrates the functions of the conductive slip ring to transmit electricity, signal, Ethernet and data, and also integrates the function of the gas slip ring to transmit gas and liquid. The device is reduced in size. Widely used in robotic welding, mechanical engineering, lighting, heating and other fields


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